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The State-of-the-Art technology we use at Actu-8 means that you can effectively control who enters your building, or a certain part of it, and only when they should.
This can be from a single entrance to hundreds of doors and we can offer a choice of access methods ranging from basic ‘swipe’ cards and PIN code readers through to advanced biometrics capable of identifying fingerprints, retinas and even faces.

Our online door controllers are extremely flexible, both in the way they communicate with the management software and the configurable features available to support special applications. Together with our comprehensive range of readers and ID devices, these products offer a high level of versatility for all your requirements.

This will enable you to monitor and restrict access to other forms of entrance to your premises including gates, car park barriers and turnstiles. Our technical expertise means that we can supply you with software that will enable efficient management of your system.